Game rules

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Game rules

Postby Wernight » 10 Jun 2005, 19:53

:arrow: Game types:
  • Classic:
    Classical Connect-Four game rules. Each player drops 1 counter each turn. The first player making a line of 4 aligned (horizontally, vert., or diagonally) counters of his colour wins. If more than one line is made, more points are won.
  • 2 per turn:
    Like classic but...
    The first turn of the round only 1 counter is played, as usual. Then each turn, each player drops 2 counters of its colour.
  • Reversed:
    Like 2 per turn but...
    If you make a line of 4, your opponent wins (you lose).
  • Special:
    Like 2 per turn but...
    When you have to drop your second counter, you can chose between 3 different counter types:
    - Your colour, like usual 2 per turn rule;
    - Green counter: Deletes the counter on witch it is dropped on and dispears. It can't be droped in an empty column;
    - Double white counters: Drops 2 whites neutral counters in a column of your choice. Those counter can not lead to game over or give any points. They are neutral.
    Also, if the first grid's line is full (i.e. there is at least one counter in each column of the grid) then you can drop a counter even in a column that is full (i.e. there are counter up to the last grid's line in this column). When that happens, the last line is dropped and all the counters shift 1 row down.
    There is a last special case. If you repeat the same grid 3 times then it's draw game. For example: Player 1 drops a counter in column 1 and removes top counter column 2, then opponent drops a counter in column 2 and removes top counter column 1, three times.

:arrow: Game options:
  • Turn time limit: Time allowed each turn. If a player doesn't play during it's time limit, a random column is chosen.
  • Round time limit: Time allowed for the entire round. The count down is only decreased when it's your turn. If timer reaches 0, you lose.
Note: You can't have both, turn and round time limits.

:arrow: Terms:
- Turn: Each player switch is a turn.
- Rounds: Each game over is a round.
- Row: Horizontal grid's line (6 in total).
- Column: Vertical grid's line (7 in total).
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I get it

Postby Guest » 04 Nov 2005, 00:01

Lol, okay i get it now.

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