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Postby Zugswang » 15 Dec 2007, 19:10

lol flyo doesn't count, it was probably cheaters who were bitter that he beat their mustrum (with both colors), and were jealous of his points.

but if he does decide to play here i'll warn him to pick 1 name and stick with it. And for that matter i'll warn other people i tell about this place.

oh and i don't know if you played at inetplay, but the people there made a new site devilplay (functional but still under development,, just tellin u in case ur ever wondering why inetplay is empty.
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Re: Project connect

Postby showstoppa » 21 Dec 2007, 18:07

acuttaly it is impossible for blue to ever have a chance at winning as long as red starts in the middle. I am an expert at connect four and play at, to prove this fact vianiato(perfect red playing program which was deleted off the web) will never break and has a perfect play somewhat like i do but i am human and make mistakes. it would be impossible for blue to draw or win.


Postby gregor271166 » 01 Jan 2008, 18:18

Hi @ all,

just noted, that your link to our chat is for time beeing not working.

If somebody would like to meet us there, please use following link:

You may log-in as guest (Gast). is still under construction, but getting closer to final result, including connect-4-platform.

... and in addition - all the best for the New Year !


Re: Project connect

Postby mike3915 » 09 Apr 2008, 13:12

Hi, my internet searches lead me here, anyone know where I can get the software you use for analysing positions - vianiato.
I'm waiting for authur to send me it, but he never seems to be on msn.

Re: Project connect

Postby Teachme2play » 03 Sep 2008, 23:34

Might send you, but drop your email, by PM.
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