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F.A.Q. Rename-It!

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2006, 17:54
by Wernight
:?: Why is the file's extension not modified?
:idea: Go to the menu "Rename" then click on "Filename with extension".

:?: How to add text before (or after) the filename?
:idea: To append "toto " before the filenames, go to "Add filter" >> "Search and Replace" then modify:
- Find what: "*"
- Replace with: "toto *"
- Use: Wildards

:idea: or else (better but a bit more complex):
- Find what: "(.*)"
- Replace with: "toto \1"
- Use: Regular Expressions

:?: How to remove TOTO from the filename?
:idea: If the filter "Crop filename" is not enought, you can use the filter "Search and Replace":
- Find what: "*TOTO*"
- Replace with: "**"
- Uncheck "Match case" if you want to ignore the case (uppercase/lowercase).
- Use: Wildards

For even more complex operations, you should take a look at Regular Expressions on